RNRMF Guitarworks Xenomorph Fuzz Pedal

RNRMF Guitarworks Xenomorph Fuzz Pedal

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Designed in collaboration with Hello Sailor Effects in the UK, the Xenomorph fuzz is a modern fuzz face designed to integrate seamlessly with today's pedalboard and signal chain needs.

At the heart of the pedal is a pair of NKT mil-spec CV7351 germanium transistors expertly matched and tuned by Joe at Hello Sailor Effects. From full blown fuzz to sparkly cleanup with a twist of your guitar volume, these sit with a switchable transformer which allows you extra flexibility in where you have the pedal in your chain. Want a buffer up front? No problem! Switch the transformer in with the Xen switch, and adjust the impact with the Morph control. Or, like me, leave the transformer in and tame the fuzz to your rig with the Morph.

Soft-touch true bypass relay switching, along with momentary and switchable power up modes (great if you run a switching system!) add the modern touches to this vintage circuit. Standard 9V centre-negative power input means it plays nicely with the rest of your pedals.

"The end result is one of the smartest Fuzz Faces out there - beautifully textured and expressive - with all those usual Germanium Fuzz face dynamics and brilliant guitar volume cleanup." guitarpedalx.com


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