Paige Original ETI Capo STD Profile Smokey Black

Paige Original ETI Capo STD Profile Smokey Black

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The Paige P-6E-ETI Original with ETI 6 String Acoustic Guitar Capo is a remarkable capo that builds upon the trusted and beloved design of the original Paige capo. This upgraded version features a sleeker appearance and a more functional design while maintaining the exceptional sound quality that Paige is known for, thanks to the revolutionary Enhanced Tone Innovation (ETI) patented bar system.

Here are the key features that make the Paige P-6E-ETI Original capo stand out:

ETI (Enhanced Tone Innovation): The heart of this capo's innovation lies in its ETI technology. The patented bar system functions similarly to a nut, requiring minimal tightening. This greatly reduces the need for retuning when you move the capo along the neck. The bar system comprises specialized outserts individually molded for each string. Each outsert has a radius that ensures the string always positions in the center, even after bending. Beneath these individual pieces lies a rubber cushion that adapts to the radius of the fretboard. The result is a sustain without any unwanted buzzing, producing a natural, bright sound almost as if you weren't using a capo at all. You can now say goodbye to concerns about your guitar going out of tune while maintaining great sustain.

Innovative Design: The Paige capo is known for its distinctive, lightweight, and durable design. It simplifies the process of attaching and changing frets with remarkable ease, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Moreover, this capo features a practical innovation that allows you to store it conveniently above the nut, ensuring you never misplace it. Its controlled tension capabilities are crucial for maintaining your instrument's tuning, preserving the integrity of your performance.

Center Pressure Application: While many capos traditionally apply pressure from the sides of the neck, the Paige Capo stands out by applying pressure from the center. This innovative design results in even tension across the strings, creating a consistent and harmonious sound. It also contributes to tuning stability, minimizing the risk of unwanted string buzz that can occur with other capos.

User-Friendly ETI Features: The ETI technology in this capo provides easy, one-handed adjustment, making it convenient to place the capo precisely where you want it on the neck. Additionally, the capo includes an advanced quick-release button for easy removal. When not in use, you can store it behind the nut, keeping it readily accessible.

The Paige P-6E-ETI Original with ETI 6 String Acoustic Guitar Capo is handmade in America, a testament to the commitment to quality and innovation that Paige has upheld since 1988.

This capo offers a range of features that cater to guitarists seeking an easy-to-use, tone-enhancing capo with superior tuning stability. Its innovative design and ETI technology make it a valuable addition to your guitar accessories, helping you achieve the best sound quality while performing.


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