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TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Boost Pedal

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Boost Pedal

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Give your music a clean boost with the TC Electronic spark mini booster guitar boost pedal. This pedal gives you 20 decibels of boost for full-bodied sound that still highlights your core tones.

The pedal's PrimeTime feature enables you to turn it on permanently with a single tap. You also have the option to turn on the pedal for a specified time by holding the footswitch down and then releasing it when you're done.

A discrete, analogue circuit amplifies your notes and maintains your signal integrity for a wonderfully clear sound. This boost pedal's true bypass functionality allows you to use your guitar's intrinsic tones in the middle of a performance without having to disconnect the pedal.

  • Provides a whopping 20 decibels of boost
  • Revolutionary PrimeTime switching seamlessly toggles between latching and momentary modes
  • Discrete analogue circuit
  • Level knob boosts levels or drive amps to peak performance
  • Adds grit, life and compression to your tones
  • Adds body, punch and warmth to pickups
  • True bypass