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Sennheiser HD280 Pro Professional Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD280 Pro Professional Studio Headphones

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Sennheiser HD280 PRO Professional Studio Headphones

The Sennheiser HD280 PRO Professional Studio Headphones are rugged, comfortable headphones ideal for professional monitoring applications, as well as DJ use. Sound Engineers are quick to recommend them. Sennheiser has lead the way in microphone and headphone technology since the ’40s, engineering groundbreaking quality that has set the industry standard with both microphonesand headphones. Sennheiser’s HD280 Pro headphones are the most cost-effective, reliable and tough cans for critical listening on the market, giving you the kind of accurate frequency response you need to really climb into your mixes. On the other side of the glass, when you need to keep your monitor mix from bleeding into your microphones, there are no better affordable headphones to track with than Sennheiser HD-280 Pros. They feature a headband design and come with a single-sided coiled cable, rotating ear cups and up to 32 dB noise attenuation.

Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Studio Monitoring Headphones at a Glance:

  • The sound quality you need to make critical mixing decisions
  • Superior isolation that’s essential for recording
  • Extreme comfort that lasts through long listening sessions

The sound quality you need to make critical mixing decisions

When you’re trying to iron out the fine details of your mix, there’s no substitute for a good set of headphones. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones give you exactly what you need: expressive lows, clear-cut mids, and focused highs. What’s more, their relatively flat frequency response lets you make important EQ tweaks with confidence, knowing that what you hear through your  Sennheiser HD-280 Pro’s will translate back to your studio monitors and beyond.

Superior isolation that’s essential for recording

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones are an innovative design, engineered to provide you with truly extraordinary isolation. A full 32dB of acoustic isolation makes HD280 Pros real studio workhorse headphones. For guitarists and especially drummers, this kind of isolation is absolutely critical, allowing you to clearly hear your headphone monitoring mix no matter how loudly you play. For vocalists, 32dB of isolation means never having to worry about your headphone mix bleeding into your sensitive vocal mic. It’s easy to see why Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones are considered essential studio gear by many of today’s top recording studios.

Extreme comfort that lasts through long listening sessions

You’re going to love how natural these headphones feel, especially if you’re in the habit of wearing headphones for extended recording or detailed listening sessions. Ultimately, all of the acoustic isolation and detailed sound quality in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t stand wearing your headphones. One thing you simply have to experience to fully appreciate is the way that HD-280 Pros seem to magically disappear after you wear them for a while. Talk about zero ear fatigue! Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of the Sennheiser HD280 Pro cans today.

  • Rugged, comfortable headphones with user-replaceable parts
  • Designed for DJ and professional monitoring applications.
  • Include single-sided coiled cable, with 3.5 mm mini jack with locking 1/4″ adapter
  • Features rotating ear cups,
  • Space saving design features collapsible, rotating earcups
  • Up to 32 dB noise attenuation
  • Closed, dynamic stereo headphones
  • Accurate, linear sound reproduction for critical monitoring applications
  • Optimum impedance ensures universal compatibility
  • Neodymium magnets for high maximum SPL
  • Comfortable for long mix sessions


Frequency Response (Headphones) 8 – 25000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 64 Ω
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 102 dB (IEC 268-7)
THD, Total Harmonic Distortion 0,1 %
Load Rating 500 mW
Wearing Style Headband
Jack Plug 3,5 / 6,3 mm Stereo
Connection Cable Coiled Cable (min. 1m / max. 3m)
Weight: 220 g (without cable)