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Mad Professor Amplification Loud 'n Proud Vintage Marshall Style Overdrive w/ Boost/Fuzz

Mad Professor Amplification Loud 'n Proud Vintage Marshall Style Overdrive w/ Boost/Fuzz

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The vintage 4-input Marshall just has that classic and rebellious rock tone we've all grown to love. It helped define the classic hard rock tones of bands and artists like AC/DC, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Free, Yngwie Malmsteen, and many more. The Mad Professor Loud´n Proud is a vintage 4-input Marshall in a box. It’s a compact pedal with a complete amp signal path replicated inside. Not only the preamp but also the power amp containing phase inverter, push-pull stage, and output transformer simulation. This internal structure makes the pedal not only sound like, but also behave like a real amp.

Like a vintage Marshall amp, the pedal has a moderate amount of gain. This is what led Mad Professor to adding a boost/fuzz to this medium gain overdrive circuit. The pre boost has the capability of pushing 13dB, which adds a nice amount of gain to the pedal. It also thickens the midrange a bit so feel free to experiment with the boost for a different voicing of the overall tone of the pedal. The fuzz is designed to work like a vintage germanium fuzz. By engaging the fuzz you'll find a great variety of tones from a clean tone to a thick and warm fuzzy tones just by adjusting the guitar volume. The vintage germanium fuzz + Marshall plexi is a classic tone combination! You will also find a switch for two different character voicings in the Loud´n Proud pedal: tighter bass and slightly compressed tone on the left with a looser bass including maximum dynamics on the right. If you love the vintage Marshall amp tone, you will also love this pedal.

  • Vintage Marshall amp tone in a pedal
  • Also includes boost/fuzz switch
  • Boost (pre) gives you an extra 13dB for more gain
  • Fuzz is designed to work like vintage germanium fuzz
  • Two switchable voicings: Tighter bass, slightly compressed and looser bass with maximum dynamics