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Hohner Marine Band Harmonica in the Key of C

Hohner Marine Band Harmonica in the Key of C

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Hohner Marine Band Classic Key of C
The Marine Band, with its traditional pear wood comb and unique cover design has been manufactured for more than 100 years and is still the instrument of choice for many top professional players.
Hohner Marine Band Harmonica - C major, 20 reeds, 0.9mm brass reed plates, the original blues harmonica with the legendary sound.

The Marine Band is the base model of the line. Technically named the Marine Band 1896/20 for the year it was introduced and the twenty reeds it possesses.
It has been the basis of a number of Hohner's harmonicas over the years.
The Marine Band has been Hohner's most popular model of harmonica for generations.
Made in Germany o

n a wood comb, most blues and rock artists play a Marine Band.
Several noted users are Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Little Walter and Neil Young.