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Brand Goldentone
Model Reverbmaster
Footswitch Yes
Price $1299.00
Secondhand Goldentone 1963/65 'Reverbmaster" head and quad box with footswitch selectable Tremelo and Reverb. Superb tones from a classic Aussie made amp. Fair to good condition for age and recently serviced where main power cap was replaced as well as some resistors. Reverb tube was also replaced with a N.O.S 6GW8 tube. 60 watts All western parts (GE etc) 12AX& multiwatt valves Serial no #2845 Transformer #2701 Sounds very Vox like Speaker one and two have been taken out of the loop as one is open circuit and the other has a rusted coil. Speakers three and four have been re-wired to 8ohms the result is the head is pushing 40 watts. Input 2 on channel 1 is a little scratchy Input 1 on channel 2 is also a little scratchy tremolo and reverb are both working as they should