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Brand Ulbrick
Series Arena
Model Fat 50 212
Type Tube
Original price $4695
Price $2799
This amplifier has a much larger grain oriented steel hand made output transformer than the standard ARENA 50. A dual voiced parallel pre amp stage gives a versatile voice across the range. The mid point is 1.8kHZ in the sweet spot for great tone reproduction. The mid control has a wide sweep with the ability of “scooping” the mids for modern metal music. The ARENA FAT 50 is also a great creative tool for all those sweet clean tones. The pre- amp stage is DC heater operated and has a NEW/OLD rectifier switch to give the 50’s type power sag or a “new” type modern solid supply. It is set up for a foot switchable dual master volume with the foot switch socket on the rear panel behind the input socket.

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