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Brand Hiwatt
Series HiGain
Model HG100G & HG412
Type Tube
Channels Two
Speaker configuration 4 x 12
Original price $5645
Price $2499
MADE IN THE UK!! The Hiwatt Hi-Gain 100w is the amp that can do it all..... If you love the classic Brit Rock Hiwatt sound but also need the versatility of a more modern amp with an aggressive edge to it, this is the amp for you. The clean channel 1 (CH1) has the exact same circuitry as used in the Custom amplifiers. The push-pull bright/normal switch offers the same dual channel principle of the Custom 100 and 50 models. Channel 2 (CH2) dials the biggest sounding distortion with awesome bottom end for all your drop tuning requirements. It also has the option of foot-switch controls for channel switching. Get both modern and vintage tone out of this amazing amp!

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