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A & B Music



If you've been into the store in the past 32 years, or have been a frequent patron of live music in Geelong, you will have seen Bill around.


Musical Inspirations:   The usuals - SRV, CCR, Howlin' Wolf, Geoff Achison, Shane Pacey etc

Instrument of choice:  Guitar

First music purchase:  CCR - Willie & the Poor Boys

First live concert:        John Dallimore & Gary Quince @ St Mary's School Hall circa 1972


"There's only 2 types of music - good and bad!"



Some may know him as simply Grant, others know him as none other than BARRY GLITTER.  A veteran of over 25 years performing experience with the Glitter Gang, one of Geelongs premier cover bands.  Check them out at the Barwon Club or a venue near you.  Grant also is a member and treasurer of the Geelong Lyric Theatre Society.


Musical Inspirations: Adam Rogers...I'm honoured to work with such a legend!!

Instrument of choice: Vocals, Guitar and triangle

First music Purchase: Give us a Wink - The Sweet

First Live concert: Behind the Magnolia Curtain - Geelong 1983




Callen is both a sound engineer with his own business, Geelong Sound, and an accomplished drummer. He also enjoys playing guitar and ukulele.


Musical Inspirations:   Beach boys, The Living End, ELO, Coldplay

Instruments of choice:  Drums, Guitar

First music purchase: Naked Brothers Band Soundtrack - 2007

First live concert:       The Livng End - Hisense Arena 2011





Adam is a guitar genius, teacher and all round nice guy. He is a master of shredding on guitar with a secret passion for ukulele.


Musical Inspirations:   Orianthi, Barry Glitter, Bill van Parreren

Instruments of choice:  Guitar, Ukulele, Jaw Harp

First music purchase: Spice Girls, Spice - 1996

First live concert:  The Wiggles - Costa Hall 1997